Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine

Our CV series provides a number of great features. First, our unique CV series equipped an adjustable tilting deck and a conveyor that automates the unloading process and automatic lid application.  These machines can easily be used with a single operator.  Both the CV-1000 and CV-1200 can achieve up to a 24-degree tilt that will allow for wet products to be packaged without spillage. Our cost-effective machines solve the issue of handling foods or other products containing liquids. Secondly, with a conveyor belt, the CV series will operate in a semi-automatic or continuous operation, which increases output and reduces labor costs. Production line operation can be achieved by adding an in feed and exit conveyor table which can be adjusted to various angles, preventing product overflow. The conveyor belt can be easily washed down, and the stainless-steel chains conform to food sanitation requirements.  Last, this machine equipped a high efficiency Busch vacuum pump and a microprocessor controller for 12 programs in memory. Because the pump is not located within the machine, the customer will not be limited when selecting the pump size.

Standard Features:

*Stainless Steel Construction

*Stainless Steel Chain

*PNC-01 Microprocessor Control

*Water Cooling Seal Bar

*Busch RA0200 (7.5HP) Vacuum Pump   

*Stainless Steel Construction


Electrical Specification:

*Voltage 220/3PH/60HZ/20AMP

*Chamber Depth 8” (200mm)

*Seal Bar Width: 10mm

*Distance Between Seal Bar 22.8"/580mm

*Seal Bar Length 41.3"/1050mm

*Vacuum Pump Capacity 200-305m3//hr

*Machine Weight 1296 lbs. (588 kg)

*Cycle Time 3 ~ 5 Cycles/Min

*Machine Size: 2050X1960X1300mm



*Gas Flush System

*Custom Seal Bar Configurations

*Higher Capacity Vacuum Pump

*Data Printer



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