Nozzle Type Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

LMV series MIT external vertical vacuum sealer model is made in steel with powder coating.  They equipped with 20 programs digital control panel and pump overload warning indicator. 10mm double sides sealing is good for thicker bags.  They are suitable for solid and dry goods packing, such as coffee beans, electric parts, plastic material, and seeds.  With optional gas flushing, customers can choose the process of vacuum gas-flush and seal. 


Electric specifications:

* Power Supply 1PH 220V 60HZ 20AMP 

* Seal Bar Width 10 mm 

* Seal Bar Length 23.6" /600 mm 

* Vacuum Pump Capacity 120L/min 

* Seal Bar Height: 27.5"x47.2" (700-1200 mm) 

* Machine Weight Approx.120kg 

* Machine Size 29.5"x 31.5"x 65.5" (750x800x1665mm)


Standard Features: 

* Twin Beam Sealing 

* Microprocessor Control 

* 10mm Wide Seals 

* Pump Overload Warning Indicator 

* Cylinder Activated Sealing 

* Oil Less Pump 

* High Pressure Air Request 5-7 kg/cm2


* Stainless Steel Construction

* Higher Capacity Vacuum Pump

* Gas Flush System 

* Dust Filter

* 7" inches touch panel and PLC controller


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