Industrial Vacuum Sealing Thermoformer

Standard Features:
* Stainless steel frame Stainless steel loading area
* Hinged dies for fast die change
* All stainless steel chains with Delrin chain guides
* PLC / HMI control system with a large 10″ screen
* Quick compressed air forming
* Servo drive film transport chain
* Mechanical die-lifting stations with air rams
* Busch vacuum pump
* Digital vacuum monitoring for fast troubleshooting
* Vacuum calibration ports for audits

* Power supply: 3Phase 220/380/440V 50/60HZ
* Forming System Vacuum Generator
* Vacuum PUMP BUSCH 63-205M3/HR
* Output 4 - 10 Cycles / Minute
* Compressed air supply 5 CFM / 120 PSI
* Packaging Sharpe Rectangle
* Forming film width 320MM - 660MM
* Cut off Length Max. 660MM
* Cooling water supply .25 GPM
* Forming Film type Flexible / Rigid to 0.3mm
* Forming depth Max. 120mm Die change method Manual
* Loading area 2 X Cut off (1 Full and 2 halves)



*Film Index 240mm with 2 loading stations

*Perimeter sealing

*Vacuum pump sizes

*Printing system

*Gas injection system (MAP)

*Water cooling chiller

*Booster pump

*Multiple supply voltage
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