Hand Operated Date Coding Imprinter

This hand-operated date coding machine is suitable for printing date, weight, and LOT. NO. on packing bags, paper, labels, color boxes, etc. It can print 1-2 lines, and a line can be placed up to 14 digits. Equipped with high-quality copper matrix printing, and the letterbox slot, the printing is very clear. The effort constant pressure device makes the printing clear even on the thick bags. The anti-pressure device is safe for the operator. The printing speed could be 20 times/min. 


Power source: 110V 60Hz

Weight: 3Kg

Size of letters: 3mm or 4mm 

Brass letter size: High quality brass letters 2mm(W) x 4mm(H)

Dimension (W x D x H): 188L x 256W x 230H(mm)

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