Vacuum Sealing Machine With Filter

The model SC-520D is a single chamber vacuum sealer model with filter.  It is ideal to pack liquid and powder products. This machine is the solution for supermarkets, restaurants, labs, and sous vide cooking.  The “FB” in the model number that features two 21.3” seal bars on the front and back side of the vacuum cavity area.  With 250mm chamber depth the machine can seal the bags upright.  This chamber vacuum sealer is certified and labeled as meeting UL and CSA safety standards for packaging equipment. This heavy-duty functional machine is equipped with # 304 stainless steel construction, and an easy-cleaning flat working deck.  For reliable and powerful vacuum performance, the machine features a Busch (model RB0021) (1HP) vacuum pump.  It is durable and has long operation life.  

Electric specifications:

  • Power Supply: 1PH 220V 60HZ 15AMP
  • Seal Bar Width: 6mm
  • Seal Bar Length 21.3” (540mm) 
  • Distance Between Seal Bars 17.7"(450mm)
  • Vacuum Pump Capacity Busch 24M3/HR
  • Chamber Size 21.2”x17.7” (540x450mm)
  • Chamber Depth 9.84” (250mm)
  • Machine Weight 309lbs/140kg
  • Machine Size (620x682x945mm)                                                                                            
Standard Features:
  • Made in Taiwan 
  • Electronic control board PD-01 Basic Digital Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel lid with view port
  • Bladder Activated Sealing
  • Busch Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum stop key
  • Water Resistant Electrical Box (IP56) 
  • Air Assist Sealing 
  • PP plate for heigh adjustment 
  • UL, CE Certified & Labeled
  • CE 24V pump overload protection
  • PNC-01 Microprocessor Control
  • Soft Air
  • Bi-Active Seal
  • Gas Flush System
  • Twin Beam Sealing
  • Larger capacity vacuum pump 48M3/HR

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