Heavy-duty Vertical Band Sealer for Liquid and Heavy Packages

SV-30 heavy duty continuous band sealer is made of stainless steel.  It is one of our best-selling heavy duty sealer machines. Its long infeed arm makes operation much easier. We adopt an electronic temperature controller and a special cooling design. The seal is stable and neat even after long operating visibility. The guide strip on the conveyor belt is designed to prevent the conveyor belt from deviating.  The robust structure for conveyance can convey heavy packages. It can be installed on a production line for continuous operation.

Electric specifications:

  • Power supply AC 1Phase 110 or 220V 50/60HZ
  • Sealing width 10mm (5/15/20mm available)
  • Conveyor width 300mm (can be customized)
  • Sealing Height 680mm
  • Sealing speed 5-12m/min (variable speed)
  • Temperature range 0-399 degrees Celsius
  • Conveyor Speed 0-12M/min (variable speed)
  • Conveyor loading weight 15kg
  • Bag thickness Up to 0.7mm
  • Bag length range 60-800mm
  • Operation Direction Left to Right (standard)
  • Machine Weight 175kg
  • Machine Dimensions 1945x850x1560mm 

Standard Features:

  • Made in Taiwan 
  • Feeding and sealing large plastic bags.
  • Applications: Liquids, cleaning products, food seasoning      
  • Bag material: PE, PP, Aluminum foil bag, or heat-sealable materials.


  • Pre-conveyor roller platform (U)
  • Two heaters (F)
  • Automatic sealing head adjustment (Q)
  • Dry Ink coder (I)
  • Ribbon coder (R)
  • Counter (C)
  • Conveyor width 300/400 mm
  • Conveyor size 2600 mm x 300 mm
  • Gas Flush System (G)
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