Auto Feed Coding Imprinter

AP3510-HP Auto Feed Coding Imprinter

This motor driving coding imprinter is suitable for printing date, weight, and LOT. NO. on PA/PE, OPP, OPCP, paper, folding paper, double bags, aluminum. packing bags, paper, labels, color box, etc.  It quipped with stepping motor, and the positioning accuracy is ±1mm.  It can automatically feed on the suction device. Furthermore, the number of prints can be set, and the operation will stop automatically when the counting ends    It is suitable for installing coding imprinting, thermal printing, or inkjet printer.


Power source: 110V/220V 50/60Hz

Weight: 85Kg

Coding area:  4mm x 28mm (Standard 2rows)

Coding row: Standard 2 lines/Special order for 3 lines

Brass letter size: High quality brass letters 2mm(W) x 4mm(H)

Black ribbon: 6100-B-AS

Dimension (W x D x H): 11218L x 410W x 480H(mm)


l  PLC programmable controller. (Touch panel human machine interface.)

l  Inflatable separation technology and static eliminator device.

l  Suitable for PA/PE, OPP, OPCP, paper, folding paper, double bags, and aluminum bags.

l  Equipped with air blowing separation technology (optional static elimination device)

l  Attached to the front and rear fixed discharge table, the discharge depth is 50mm.

l  Apply to be printed on product size:
            Length: 100 to 350mm
            Width:  100 to 350mm
            Thickness:0.15 to 3.0mm

l  Printing speed: 60 pcs/min (fastest).



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