Commercial Automatic Bag Feeding and Packing Sealing Machine

The commercial automatic bagging and sealing machine is an advanced and dependable packaging system that excels in delivering efficient and reliable bagging solutions. With its diverse range of features and specifications, it is well-equipped to meet a wide array of packaging needs. Boasting a sturdy construction, cutting-edge automation, and customizable options, this commercial bagging machine ensures seamless and accurate bagging operations. It proves to be an ideal choice for industries that demand fast-paced and trustworthy packaging solutions.


  • Mechanical cam control is secure and reliable
  • Multi-workstation with automatic bag width adjustment device
  • Mechanical working process (take the bag and open it→ fill → seal → discharge)
  • 304 Stainless steel construction and 316 stainless steel for contact surfaces
  • PLC Programmable Controller with touch screen (50 sets of production parameters in memory)
  • Intelligent detection reduces bag loss. No filling unopened bags. No sealing for un-filled bags.
  • The bagging conveyor can store more bags.  No downtime is required to re-fill the bags.
  • The end-product discharge from the conveyor


Electrical specifications:

  • Power supply: 3PH 220V 60HZ 40A
  • Adopt Futian motor and German-made BCKER 1HP pump for bagging
  • American-made Allen-Bradley PLC Programmable Controller with Touch Screen(Pro-face 10.4")
  • Number of stations: 8 stations
  • Speed: 20-40 packs per minute (pack/per min)
  • Bag Width: 100-230mm
  • Bag Length: 100-300mm
  • Machine size (L*W*H): 2785*1934*1793mm
  • Max. packing weight (Filling weight): 2000g
  • Required air pressure 5HP


  • Connected with liquid, powder filling machine, solid metering machine, multi-head scale, and bowl-type elevator
  • Pneumatic nitrogen filling equipment
  • Multifunctional printer jet imprinter
  • S6-230 (6-station model)



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