Rice vacuum and vibrate packaging machine for commercial use

SCR-660 Rice vacuum packing machine

SCR-660 rice vacuum sealing machine can vacuum, vibrate, and push the bag to flat shape.  It is ideal for grains and powder product packing and extend shelf life of grain products.  This vacuum sealing machine is perfect to pack 100g-20kg grains.  It can automatically close the lid, vacuum, vibrate, form good shape and open the lid.  For this vacuum sealing machine, we adopt stainless steel body, PLC control panel, and easy see-through lid.  It features a Busch vacuum pump for reliable and powerful vacuum performance.

Electric specifications:

* Power Supply: 220V (3PH/60HZ )
* #304 Stainless Steel Construction
* 4.3” PLC Microprocessor Control
* Independent Electrical Box (IP 56)
* Acrylic lid
* Flat Chamber for Easy Cleaning
* BUSCH Pump Capacity24 M3 / hr.(1HP)
* Sealing Distance:520 mm
* Seal Bar Width: 6mm
* Chamber depth:80mm
* Sealing Bar Length:26” (660mm)
* Chamber Size 660x510x80mm
* Machine Weight 140kg
* Machine Size: 820x640x910mm



* Seal width 10mm
* Higher Capacity Vacuum Pump (R50040)



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